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Institute of Technology Transfer and Innovation (ITTI), BCSIR Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
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Last updated: 31st January 2022

Background of ITTI

Background of ITTI:

Institute of Technology Transfer and Innovation (ITTI) was launched in October 2015 with the approval of ECNEC, the project titled 'Establishment of Physical Facilities for Technology Transfer and Innovation in BCSIR'. Initially, research and technology transfer activities started on the 4th floor of the engineering building by 22 temporarily recruited manpower. The project included the construction of a Six-stored modern building of technology transfer at the BCSIR Campus in Dhaka, which has now emerged as a new institute called the Institute of Technology Transfer and Innovation (ITTI).

At present through ITTI, advanced technology showcases, technology trials and training using inexpensive modern technology at low cost, in-house fish farming and indoor hydroponic grass production for cattle, microalgae farming in plastic tubes, safe and healthy dry fish production, live fish feed preparation for fry, diagnosis of different fish diseases through molecular technique, determination of protein and fat content in foods and feeds, production of indoor vegetables through hydroponic technology. ITTI have been leased out some products to different company. In addition, ITTI provides related research support, training, advise the entrepreneurs about technology and also giving analytical services.

The six-stored building of ITTI is full with modern facilities for the development of research, innovation and technology. The ITTI have sophisticated molecular biology laboratory, hydroponic laboratory, microalgae culture laboratory, analytical laboratory, Nutrition analysis laboratory, and water quality management laboratory.  However, these laboratories are full with modern instruments such as; real-time PCR, Ultra freezer, Incubator, PCR workstation, Bioreactors, Dumas Protein analyzer, Rapid fat analyzer, Gas chromatography, Ion chromatography, HPLC, Amino Acid analyzer, Moisture analyzer, Spectrophotometer, 3D Printer, Multi- parameter and water distillation plant. Beside these, the ultramodern seminar room and media room increase the attraction of the institute. However out of this six-stored building, the hydroponic grass house is in front of the institute and the indoor fish firming as well as the dry fish production chamber are located inside the BCSIR Dhaka campus.

It may be mentioned that ITTI has already set up fifteen (15) hydroponic grass production technology and seven (7) indoor fish farming technology through RAS at entrepreneurial level in different parts of Bangladesh. In addition, various nutraceutical products invented by ITTI have been leased to various companies through BCSIR.